• Keying, cleanuping, rotoscoping

  • The assembly of the precomposite or the final composite in Nuke

  • Photorealistic composite of an average level of complexity (integration of shooting and vfx rendered elements into a frame)

  • The artistic vision, the ability to offer solutions to improve the image

  • Clear execution of supervisor comments

  • Daily reporting in Cerebro on the assigned tasks

  • Presence on dailies


  • Nuke / Photoshop

  • Knowing the basics of composition of the frame, light settings, etc.

  • The ability to seamlessly integrate CG elements into the shooting material

  • Experience in movie from 1 year

  • Basic knowledge of the stages of production of VFX (fluids, particles, CGdoubles, etc.)

  • Artistic vision and creativity

  • Ability to offer solutions and moves

  • Conflict-free

  • The ability to "feel" time and stick to the production schedule

  • Ability to work in a team


  • Primary level of Maya, Houdini

  • Knowing one or more Matchmove packages (3D Equalizer is a great advantage)

  • Welcome knowing of Python, Hscript, Mel, Vex

We offer:

  • Salary according to interview results

  • Modern office in Moscow

  • Interesting projects and a good team

  • Schedule 5/2 from 10:00 to 19:00

  • 2 weeks paid leave