2/1 Paveletskaya naberejnaya
+7 499 258-11-08

Julia Frolova 


Konstantin Listratrov



On foot:


From subway station Paveletskaya towards Paveletskij train station. Buses № 106, 158, 13k, 632 or marshrutka №13 to station Paveletskaya embankment 2. Business center "Loft Ville"

By car:


Moving from city center through Paveletskaya embankment, you will see a business center "Loft Ville", you may leave your vehicle at the center entrance (respecting the rules of road and parking). If you ordered a pass for your vehicle, you need to receive it in the pass office (center entrance) and then drive to the end of the building, after that make a sharp right turn towards the metal gates. Once you are on the business center territory, move to building №1.