The TREHMER FILM was created as an independent department on the production base of TREHMER STUDIO, specializing in visual effects for full-length, short and documentary films, as well as effects for TV series. This specialization allows us to carry out large volumes of work in a short time be cause we have a full-fledged pipeline in the CGI field.

More than 40 people work in our studio at the moment led by a famous director Dmitry Venikov.


Our team consists of specialists from different directions: pre-visions, concepts, modeling and texturing, personal and subject animation, mattepainting, complex simulation, photorealistic shading and lightning, complex compositing.


The TREHMER was the the first studio in Russia that organized a unique management system in the field of post-production and production of computer graphics. That`s why we solve all problems equally well.

Our main goal is to create the most favorable working conditions, both for the client and for the designers who work now and in the TREHMER FILM.

Since mid-2016 the department has become a full-fledged independent company, which operates under a simplified taxation system without VAT.


Supervisor / Producer