Short demoreel of VFX for the feature film "Monakh i Bes"(original title) we`ve done at Trehmer company.





Directed by

Nikolay Dostal


Produced by
Alexander Dostal

Pozdneev Oleg 

Igor Tolstunov


Trehmer crew:


Natalya Zamorina - producer

Dmitriy Venikov – creative producer
Evgeniya Salnikova – executive poducer

VFX supervisor

Konstantin Listratov

Postproduction manager\coordinator

Darya Kostousova 


Maksim Tchemyakin


Concepr art
Valeriy Zrazhevski 

Dmitriy Filipov


Ivan Kulistov 

Andrey Kuznetsov

Roman Chumak


Ruslan Sharafutdinov

Moiseev Roman

Dmitriy Donec 

Sazanovich Aleksandra- compositing
Artem Hahalo

Anton Zaharov


Julia Fedunina


Alekhin Aleksander 

Artemov Vitaliy

Listratov Konstantin



Shamil Rybalkin

 Konstantin Listratov

Artemov Vitaliy

Thanks to Filipp Dobuzhinskiy of breakdown intro!

Mix of most complex VFX shots 

Enjoy some sketches, concepts and breakdowns!

The Wash

One of the most complex shots from the whole movie! The director filmed two takes and wished to stitch them in one. He wanted to use partly CGI water partly live footage but further we come to decision to replace completely water and cloths to have more control! 

Cloths and water simulations were done separately (in a different software). Cloths sim took about couple hours and final water SIM took around 40 hrs of machine time. 
The most part of the image you see comes from beauty render. Render passes where used mostly to fix some issues with speculars or refractions in some single frames.

Millions of particles and voxels!

...and wuite smooth shape as the result

Some early test

And here go the sketches for the opening shots of the film

The Well

This is the shot we see how the devil inside main character allows him to treat with almost impossible task - to clean the very old abandoned well (and turn mud inside of it into drinkable water).
So we`ve decided to combine some trailing effect with kind of time lapse....
For this shot there we done dozens of takes. Also there were done tons of roto! 
During the shooting camera was locked. So to give it a bit of life we`ve done reprojection with low poly geometry. Also it was very useful for water collisions. For water splashes i`ve build a rig wich allowed quickly and easily create 20-30 splashes by different artists at once.
This is the most complex composting shot we`ve ever done! The final comp consist of more then 3000 nodes!

Some set extensions....

Original plate


Antother shot in the same location

Legion Phenomenon

This is the shot where we can see the devil(named Legion) which lives inside main character(Ivan Semenovitch) appears for the first time on the screen. Director wanted to see Legion steps out easily out of Ivan who's very exhausted with devils advices whispering permanently in his head.
The shot was done in two takes with similar camera movements.(rails without any special controller) We've stabilized, matchmoved and stitched them together. So one sits almost perfect atop another. Also we`ve rigged simple character and done bodytrack for smoke emission object.

Initial concept


Pure (3 lights) smoke render

Enjoy breakdown!

Some more shots...

Low poly characters for FX 

Some statistics

6 months of post production


Total 100 shots:

12 - complex (FullCG, FX set extension)

28 - some compositing, some 3D

70 - cleanups


8.5 Tb – disc space used)